XAMPP Latest Version Download


XAMPP is a free and open source Apache distribution, that helps developers to setup a local server for PHP development. It is a complete package, that contains Apache server, PHP, Maria DB, Perl and more.


XAMPP updates its versions for all users including Windows, Linux and Mac. Apache community brings updated to the builds frequently which includes so many latest features. Most important features that are updated include PHP version, MySQL, Perl, Apache server etc.

Download XAMPP

Here are the download Links for XAMPP

Download XAMPP Latest version
Download XAMPP 32 bit

You may also ping to xampp.site for more details. There you will find complete installation guides for the package.

Installing and Running

Since XAMPP contains all the requirements to setting up a local server on your PC. This makes installation and running process very easy. Especially for beginners it is a great package. The GUI gives you simple operation and starting of each tool by just a click.

For installation guides on Windows, Linux and Mac, search on google or see into xampp.site pages for each.

For more details and downloads you may also check apachefriends.org.

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