Top 5 Pizza Loving Nations

One does not need to be from a specific nation to love pizza. Pizza is love regardless of the nation you belong to. Since its birth, pizza is getting popularity each passing day. Even the countries like China and Turkey, which adore their cultural cuisine, have started consuming fast food, especially pizza. Having said that, there are some countries which can be numbered in the top list according to their consumption of pizza.

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According to per person ratio Norway consumes the most pizza in the world. The population of Norway is 5.5 million and they eat around 11 lbs annually which is a huge number. The pizza is localized here, so people enjoy the blend of the pizzas.


USA consumes the second most pizza. Although, America seems to be the real place of fast food, the average consumption is not equal to that of Norway. Approximately, 350 slices of pizza are eaten in USA in one second. Domino’s is the largest selling pizza brand in USA and a to-go food for every occasion, be it a lunch party or a birthday party. Thus, USA consumes a lot of pizza.


Germans are famous for being foodies and when it comes to fast food, specially pizza, they consume 100 slices in a second. The pizza industry is worth around €1,3 billion. Also, Germans follow the real epicurean life style. For them, eat, drink and be merry is the best describing slogan. Isn’t it huge?


Isn’t it bizarre that the place where pizza was born is not in the top list of its consumption? Notwithstanding, when people from Italy migrated to different parts of the world, they carried the pizza recipes with them which underwent many modifications in the time span; however, the authentic taste is still preserved in Italy and Italians savour it too.


Japan is very famous for consuming fast food at a large scale. They call pizza “Okonomiyaki ‘which they order; at least, once in a week. They order pizza on special occasions to savour every slice of it.

This is just the list of top five consumers, the list yet goes on and on.

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