XAMPP Latest Version Download

XAMPP is a free and open source Apache distribution, that helps developers to setup a local server for PHP development. It is a complete package, that contains Apache server, PHP, Maria DB, Perl and more.


XAMPP updates its versions for all users including Windows, Linux and Mac. Apache community brings updated to the builds frequently which includes so many latest features. Most important features that are updated include PHP version, MySQL, Perl, Apache server etc.

Download XAMPP

Here are the download Links for XAMPP

Download XAMPP Latest version
Download XAMPP 32 bit

You may also ping to xampp.site for more details. There you will find complete installation guides for the package.

Installing and Running

Since XAMPP contains all the requirements to setting up a local server on your PC. This makes installation and running process very easy. Especially for beginners it is a great package. The GUI gives you simple operation and starting of each tool by just a click.

For installation guides on Windows, Linux and Mac, search on google or see into xampp.site pages for each.

For more details and downloads you may also check apachefriends.org.

2ndline App Alternative?

There are several 2ndLine like apps that permit free communications. Apps like textPlus, TextMeUp Free Calling & Texts, and Talkatone, etc. 2ndLine app (https://2ndlineapk.com) is the best to call and text nationally and internationally.

Text Plus

Text plus app makes communication easy where you even don’t need phone service. Send a message and make calls within the US or Canada or call worldwide without worrying about your phone service. You can avail of this service with a local number of your choice. Enjoy sharing unlimited pictures, videos, and group messages. There is an option for those who want to make international calls can choose how they call by choosing ad-supported or cheap local international calling. Furthermore, this app is completely free but it comes with a few ads with an option that if you don’t like the ads you can buy the subscription to get rid of them. 

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts 

This app comes with many smart features. It makes way for users to have one account and several numbers. Add as many numbers as you wish and switch between them without a glitch. It makes easy for users to perform various tasks all in one account. Not only in the United States or Canada but you can send free text messages to 40 other countries. Besides picture messages and video calls, this app also supports HD voice from your android which you can share to TextMe up users. 



When people are more of a phone person and want to remain in contact with loved ones then it becomes a little bit harder to afford the charges but apps like Talkatone make it quite easy and free while international calls beings affordable. With the help of this app, you might be anywhere you can be in touch with friends and family. So instead of worrying about the charges Start texting photos of your life or funny moments now using this app. 

Best Phone for PubG

PubG is a graphics-intensive game that demands a powerful phone. In 2019, several phones were released. Keeping in view gaming intensive requirements, one of the shortlisted phone is Asus ROG Phone 2. The Asus ROG Phone 2 hit the market because it delivers a number of remarkable features. Some of its features are as follows:

Storage Capacity

It is powered by fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB of RAM and a massive 512GB of internal storage, which helps to get the best performance playing PubG.

Battery Power

The tremendous 6000mAh battery in ROG Phone 2 gives users non-stop gaming power. It has direct charging technology, which takes the charging circuitry out of the phone and puts it in the special 30W charger, gives ROG Phone 2 shorter and safer charge times.


It takes gaming visuals to the next level, with the World’s first 120Hz/1ms AMOLED 10-bit HDR display, a truly magnificent 6.59-inche screen that delivers unbelievably fluid, blur-free gaming and entertainment. It has amazing color accuracy with a Delta-E of less than 1 and the touch screen gives user instant responsiveness for a competitive edge. To protect this state-of-the-art display, it is covered with super-tough Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

Air Trigger controls

One of the best features, aside from the 3.5mm head phone jack, is the Air Trigger controls. This uprated technology uses an advanced architecture to reduce the vibration latency to 20ms, supporting both tap and slide motions.

Download Speed

Its connectivity is supercharged with 4G LTE Cat 18 download speeds of up to 1.2Gps and Wi-Fi speeds of up to 4.6Gps with WI Gig. If anyone wants mind-blowing performance, look no further than ROG Phone 2.

Cooling system

The second-generation cooling system in ROG Phone 2 has a newly designed 3D vapor chamber that’s even more effective at removing heat from the phone during full-speed operation.