XAMPP Latest Version Download

XAMPP is a free and open source Apache distribution, that helps developers to setup a local server for PHP development. It is a complete package, that contains Apache server, PHP, Maria DB, Perl and more.


XAMPP updates its versions for all users including Windows, Linux and Mac. Apache community brings updated to the builds frequently which includes so many latest features. Most important features that are updated include PHP version, MySQL, Perl, Apache server etc.

Download XAMPP

Here are the download Links for XAMPP

Download XAMPP Latest version
Download XAMPP 32 bit

You may also ping to xampp.site for more details. There you will find complete installation guides for the package.

Installing and Running

Since XAMPP contains all the requirements to setting up a local server on your PC. This makes installation and running process very easy. Especially for beginners it is a great package. The GUI gives you simple operation and starting of each tool by just a click.

For installation guides on Windows, Linux and Mac, search on google or see into xampp.site pages for each.

For more details and downloads you may also check apachefriends.org.

5 Best Summer Festivals

Summer is a symbol of energy, every living lives fully again. Summer festivals provide us an opportunity to enjoy the life leaving behind hustle bustle of daily schedule. These festivals are not just about celebrating the day with a gathering or music: they are a representation of our culture, history, being human, creativity, love and much more. During summer people gather to show their passion, meet with their nears and dears, share with others, donate to others and love the nature. In short Summer is the time to celebrate, being happy and thanking nature for providing such opportunities.

These are top 5 summer festivals which I have listed down.

Dubrovnik Summer festivals

The location of the festival is Dubrovnik, Croatia. It takes place from July 10 to August 25.
The festival consists of dance, opera and theater in the ancient theaters and parks. Tourists visiting the area must apply for advance booking.

Summer Solstice Festival

Summer solstice also known as the longest day of the year takes place twice a year. Once in Northern hemisphere and Once in the Southern hemisphere. Summer solstice 2020 will takes place on June 20 in Northern hemisphere and Dec 20 in Southern hemisphere. Many people around the globe celebrate this day as it is an important cultural and historical event for them.

World Body Painting Festival

In Klagenfurt, Austria World body painting festival takes place on July 11-13. In this festival thousands gather to paint and be painted and see visual effects.

Naadam Festival

In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on July 10-12 a festival takes place named as Naadam. It is a sports featuring archery, wrestling and long-distance horseback riding which is a representation of Mongolian culture and history.

Port Eliot Festival

On July 25 to 28 Port Eliot festival takes place in Cornwall, England. It is a literary festival where authors are heroes. The work of great authors and best sellers are celebrated and awarded/exhibited.

2ndline App Alternative?

There are several 2ndLine like apps that permit free communications. Apps like textPlus, TextMeUp Free Calling & Texts, and Talkatone, etc. 2ndLine app (https://2ndlineapk.com) is the best to call and text nationally and internationally.

Text Plus

Text plus app makes communication easy where you even don’t need phone service. Send a message and make calls within the US or Canada or call worldwide without worrying about your phone service. You can avail of this service with a local number of your choice. Enjoy sharing unlimited pictures, videos, and group messages. There is an option for those who want to make international calls can choose how they call by choosing ad-supported or cheap local international calling. Furthermore, this app is completely free but it comes with a few ads with an option that if you don’t like the ads you can buy the subscription to get rid of them. 

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts 

This app comes with many smart features. It makes way for users to have one account and several numbers. Add as many numbers as you wish and switch between them without a glitch. It makes easy for users to perform various tasks all in one account. Not only in the United States or Canada but you can send free text messages to 40 other countries. Besides picture messages and video calls, this app also supports HD voice from your android which you can share to TextMe up users. 



When people are more of a phone person and want to remain in contact with loved ones then it becomes a little bit harder to afford the charges but apps like Talkatone make it quite easy and free while international calls beings affordable. With the help of this app, you might be anywhere you can be in touch with friends and family. So instead of worrying about the charges Start texting photos of your life or funny moments now using this app. 

Top 5 Pizza Loving Nations

One does not need to be from a specific nation to love pizza. Pizza is love regardless of the nation you belong to. Since its birth, pizza is getting popularity each passing day. Even the countries like China and Turkey, which adore their cultural cuisine, have started consuming fast food, especially pizza. Having said that, there are some countries which can be numbered in the top list according to their consumption of pizza.

You may find pizza near your location in anywhere in the world. Also domino’s has many shops all over the places. Find your pizza by just one click on domino’s pizza near my location. This is what everybody is looking for today.


According to per person ratio Norway consumes the most pizza in the world. The population of Norway is 5.5 million and they eat around 11 lbs annually which is a huge number. The pizza is localized here, so people enjoy the blend of the pizzas.


USA consumes the second most pizza. Although, America seems to be the real place of fast food, the average consumption is not equal to that of Norway. Approximately, 350 slices of pizza are eaten in USA in one second. Domino’s is the largest selling pizza brand in USA and a to-go food for every occasion, be it a lunch party or a birthday party. Thus, USA consumes a lot of pizza.


Germans are famous for being foodies and when it comes to fast food, specially pizza, they consume 100 slices in a second. The pizza industry is worth around €1,3 billion. Also, Germans follow the real epicurean life style. For them, eat, drink and be merry is the best describing slogan. Isn’t it huge?


Isn’t it bizarre that the place where pizza was born is not in the top list of its consumption? Notwithstanding, when people from Italy migrated to different parts of the world, they carried the pizza recipes with them which underwent many modifications in the time span; however, the authentic taste is still preserved in Italy and Italians savour it too.


Japan is very famous for consuming fast food at a large scale. They call pizza “Okonomiyaki ‘which they order; at least, once in a week. They order pizza on special occasions to savour every slice of it.

This is just the list of top five consumers, the list yet goes on and on.

Nutritional Benefits of Eating Black Mulberry

Black Mulberry
Black Mulberry

Black mulberries (scientific name: Morus Nigra) is a berry that come from the tree Morus Alba. They taste sweet, much like grapes. These are likely eaten in many parts of the world as fresh and dried forms. These are also made into wine, jam, fruit juice, tea, or canned food. Many people may not be aware of their nutritional benefits. So, let’s discussed how these berries benefits you.

100 grams of fresh black mulberries have following nutrients:

  • Calories: 43
  • Water: 88%
  • Protein: 1.4 grams
  • Carbs: 9.8 grams
  • Sugar: 8.1. grams
  • Fiber: 1.7 grams
  • Fat: 0.4 grams

Health benefits of Black Mulberry


Just like vegetables, black mulberries are rich in dietary fibers which help us to digest the food. The fibers are both soluble in the form of pectin and insoluble in the form of lignin. Thus, reducing the occurrence of constipation, cramping and bloating. Healthy digestion also helps in weight loss.

Blood Circulation

As these berries are rich in iron, which is the main component in blood formation, so their intake helps the body to make red blood cells. Thus, improves the blood flow, cleanse the blood and controls the blood pressure. The antioxidant present in these mulberries relaxes the blood vessels and prevent the blood to clot, thus reducing the risks of stroke and heart attack.

Anti-Cancer Potential

Black mulberries have antioxidants, anthocyanins, polyphenolic and phytonutrient compounds that help in stopping the growth and spread of tumors, thus protecting your body from cancer. Moreover, antioxidants act as a shield against the free radicals which are dangerous for the healthy cells and can mutate into cancerous ones. So, if you want to protect your body from cancer, start eating black mulberry.

Improves Vision

Like carrots, these mulberries are rich in vitamin A, which is a very essential component for the eyesight. It also protects our eyes from free radicals, due to presence of a carotenoid, zeaxanthin, that protects the eyes from retinal degradation.

Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Regular intake of black mulberries (mulberry leaf tea/powder) can reduce the LDL (bad) cholesterol level and increase HDL (good) cholesterol level. Thus, results into prevention from all sorts of cardiovascular problems.


Vitamin C is one of the essential components in building your immunity. Thus, it fights against foreign pathogens and infections making you strong from inside. These help to activate macrophages through the alkaloids present in them and these macrophages keeps the immune system alert.

Anti-inflammatory Agent

Black mulberries have resveratrol in it which induce anti-inflammatory properties. These also have anthocyanins that help preventing inflammation. Studies have also shown that mulberry leaf tea can be used to reduce the inflammatory pain.

All in all, one can fulfill their nutritional needs by just enjoying the intake of black mulberries and spend a healthy life. So, use them in moderation and monitor your bodies reaction if using first time.

Best Phone for PubG

PubG is a graphics-intensive game that demands a powerful phone. In 2019, several phones were released. Keeping in view gaming intensive requirements, one of the shortlisted phone is Asus ROG Phone 2. The Asus ROG Phone 2 hit the market because it delivers a number of remarkable features. Some of its features are as follows:

Storage Capacity

It is powered by fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB of RAM and a massive 512GB of internal storage, which helps to get the best performance playing PubG.

Battery Power

The tremendous 6000mAh battery in ROG Phone 2 gives users non-stop gaming power. It has direct charging technology, which takes the charging circuitry out of the phone and puts it in the special 30W charger, gives ROG Phone 2 shorter and safer charge times.


It takes gaming visuals to the next level, with the World’s first 120Hz/1ms AMOLED 10-bit HDR display, a truly magnificent 6.59-inche screen that delivers unbelievably fluid, blur-free gaming and entertainment. It has amazing color accuracy with a Delta-E of less than 1 and the touch screen gives user instant responsiveness for a competitive edge. To protect this state-of-the-art display, it is covered with super-tough Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

Air Trigger controls

One of the best features, aside from the 3.5mm head phone jack, is the Air Trigger controls. This uprated technology uses an advanced architecture to reduce the vibration latency to 20ms, supporting both tap and slide motions.

Download Speed

Its connectivity is supercharged with 4G LTE Cat 18 download speeds of up to 1.2Gps and Wi-Fi speeds of up to 4.6Gps with WI Gig. If anyone wants mind-blowing performance, look no further than ROG Phone 2.

Cooling system

The second-generation cooling system in ROG Phone 2 has a newly designed 3D vapor chamber that’s even more effective at removing heat from the phone during full-speed operation.

A-list Fashion Trends 2020

The fashion Month has wrapped giving us some major clues on what fashion trends will rule the year 2020. It could be predicted that what our choice would be for the spring/summer shopping this year. After the sneak peeks of all the fashion shows those who grab the most attention were from retro ’70 revisited at Celine to the 17th-century opulence at the Thom Browne and Brock Collection. With a huge list of new trends to try, here are the top picks:

Vogue 2020
Vogue 2020

Micro shorts

Withal miniskirts, there’s a new shorty in town and it is just not about daisy dukes because micro-mini shorts were blazed in knits, leather, and sequins this season.

That 70’s Inspired Display

’70s-inspired pieces could now be approved as this year’s potentialities. The tried and true trend will transform easily from Fall to Spring so pig out on boxy blazers and wide-leg pants that will carry you through the year.

17th Century Trendy

What dominates the 17th-century trend are OTT shapes and volume characterize these. The Mary Antoinette-Esque dresses and hoops skirts have us excited for the elaborate looks that will surely create a buzz after appearing on the red carpet.


These are setting new trends to get ready to wear it all in various ways. This season let the luxe layers do all the talking by letting them take center stage in the luscious looks. Instead of wearing lingerie-inspired pieces underneath now they can are back as outwear.

Highlighter Brights

It would not be wrong to say bold hues are something that can be ignored this season. Neon green, yellow and orange are the new palette making everything a whole lot brighter.

Mentioned above are the few picks that can help choose the right kind of fashion trend in 2020. Because a new year means a fresh start which also means that your wardrobe needs to be up-to-the-minute with the new trends.