5 Best Summer Festivals

Summer is a symbol of energy, every living lives fully again. Summer festivals provide us an opportunity to enjoy the life leaving behind hustle bustle of daily schedule. These festivals are not just about celebrating the day with a gathering or music: they are a representation of our culture, history, being human, creativity, love and much more. During summer people gather to show their passion, meet with their nears and dears, share with others, donate to others and love the nature. In short Summer is the time to celebrate, being happy and thanking nature for providing such opportunities.

These are top 5 summer festivals which I have listed down.

Dubrovnik Summer festivals

The location of the festival is Dubrovnik, Croatia. It takes place from July 10 to August 25.
The festival consists of dance, opera and theater in the ancient theaters and parks. Tourists visiting the area must apply for advance booking.

Summer Solstice Festival

Summer solstice also known as the longest day of the year takes place twice a year. Once in Northern hemisphere and Once in the Southern hemisphere. Summer solstice 2020 will takes place on June 20 in Northern hemisphere and Dec 20 in Southern hemisphere. Many people around the globe celebrate this day as it is an important cultural and historical event for them.

World Body Painting Festival

In Klagenfurt, Austria World body painting festival takes place on July 11-13. In this festival thousands gather to paint and be painted and see visual effects.

Naadam Festival

In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on July 10-12 a festival takes place named as Naadam. It is a sports featuring archery, wrestling and long-distance horseback riding which is a representation of Mongolian culture and history.

Port Eliot Festival

On July 25 to 28 Port Eliot festival takes place in Cornwall, England. It is a literary festival where authors are heroes. The work of great authors and best sellers are celebrated and awarded/exhibited.

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